Center McMechen Daily Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (Early Start)

7:20 AM   First Bus Arrives and Breakfast is Served

7:40 AM   Students Report to Classrooms

7:55 AM   Last Bus Arrives

8:05 AM   School Day Begins (Attendance is Recorded)

(First Bus Arrives at 7:20 AM and Early Walkers Allowed in the Building)


8:15 AM   First Bus Arrives and Breakfast is served

8:00-8:40  Grade Level Group and Academic Games as Students Enter

8:40 AM Students Report to Classrooms

8:55 AM Last Bus Arrives

9:05 AM School Day Begins (Attendance is Recorded)

Because the delayed start may be an inconvenience for parents we are making arrangements for students who need to arrive early. However, I ask parents to make every effort to schedule student arrival between 8:15 and 8:50 AM.

7:30 AM To accommodate early arrivals the school building will be open and supervision for students will be in the library. Breakfast for these few students will be served in the cafeteria beginning at 8:10.

Departure Schedule For ALL Days:

2:45 Bus 96 S Dismissed

2:47  Walkers and Car Riders Dismissed

2:49 Bus 85 Dismissed

2:53 Bus 96 N Dismissed

Thank you and feel free to see me should you have any questions!- Mrs. Holt