Students Participate in Nationwide Reading Experience

Center McMechen Elementary 1st graders give the book Quackers a big thumbs up after volunteer Phyllis Wharton is finished reading to them.

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record will be observed across the nation on Thursday, October 19th; however, Marshall County Schools is celebrating the annual event all week.

Marshall County Schools Literacy Facilitator Jeannie Blake is being assisted by several volunteers in order to reach every Pre-K, kindergarten, first and second grade student in the county. Ruthie Crow, Sharon Garten, Mary Neehouse, Margaret Ripley, Kathy Vani, Phyllis Wharton, Mary Louise Wharry, Mary Kay Wensyel and Holly Woods are reading this year’s campaign book titled Quackers, written by Liz Wong, in several different classrooms across the district daily.

After each presentation, teachers are given book related activities to work on during class time.  Lessons include a cat and duck art project, practice in sequencing, compare and contrast of farms and ponds and a nonfiction writing prompt on farm cats and ducks.

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record is the world’s largest shared reading experience.  It brings together about 2 million people each year in classrooms, libraries, community centers and homes in the United States.

The campaign was launched more than a decade ago to highlight the importance of building early literacy and language skills for every child, so that all children have the opportunity to enter kindergarten prepared to succeed.

Countywide, more than 1,300 students will participate this week. Every student receives a certificate for participating in Read for the Record.